About Us

Mēru is a sustainable, slow fashion studio based in the UAE, creating
affordable luxury at small scale. We engineer garments that are intended
for a lifetime of wear.

Honoring the past and repurposing for the present, we offer solutions for
the multi-faceted woman.


The Lazim لازم line of essentials is designed for comfort and functionality in a
woman’s workplace. Our modular and transformative separates can match or
shine on their own.

Each one of our non-traditional size categories is suitable for a wide range of
body types.

"Let's Get It Together" Shirt Dress- Silk

Dhs. 616.00Dhs. 700.00

"Let's Get It Together" Shirt Dress Boski

Dhs. 616.00Dhs. 700.00


Dhs. 836.00Dhs. 950.00

Ada Cape With Zahra Trousers - Novelty Linen

Dhs. 1,408.00Dhs. 1,600.00

Ada Cape - Novelty Linen

Dhs. 880.00Dhs. 1,000.00

Ada Cape Blouse

Dhs. 616.00Dhs. 700.00

Adakara Kameez

Dhs. 308.00Dhs. 350.00

Adakara Trousers

Dhs. 198.00Dhs. 225.00

Adeena Crop

Dhs. 616.00Dhs. 700.00

Aila Coatie

Dhs. 264.00Dhs. 300.00

Aila Trench

Dhs. 704.00Dhs. 800.00

Aila Trench Set

Dhs. 1,056.00Dhs. 1,200.00

Aila Trousers

Dhs. 528.00Dhs. 600.00

Aila Trousers - Silk

Dhs. 352.00Dhs. 400.00


Dhs. 572.00Dhs. 650.00

Alchemy of Dyeing Silk Shela Scarf

Dhs. 330.00Dhs. 375.00

Alchemy of Dyeing Bisht Kaftan

Dhs. 1,584.00Dhs. 1,800.00

Alchemy Of Dyeing Chemise Dress

Dhs. 528.00Dhs. 600.00

Alchemy of Dyeing Chemise Dress - Silk

Dhs. 528.00Dhs. 600.00

Alchemy of Dyeing Embellished Jama Jacket

Dhs. 1,320.00Dhs. 1,500.00


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What does sustainability mean to MĒRU?

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