About Us

Our sustainability philosophy begins with the objection to trends and seasonality. We are free to design for functionality first and create garments that live far past a season or two.


Our philosophy extends to the personal relationships we foster with our local partners in the UAE and Pakistan. We work closely with small scale operations that help us reduce surplus and waste through producing limited quantities.

The source and soul of fabrics is an obsession at MĒRU. We believe in natural fibers and hand loomed cloth. We scour for repurposed luxury fabrics, heirloom saris and recycled garments to produce one of a kind pieces.

Est 2019

Our Story

Mēru is a sustainable, slow fashion studio based in the UAE, creating affordable luxury at small scale. We design with functionality first and engineer garments intended for a lifetime of wear.

We offer a solution for the multi- faceted woman who dresses for herself both on and off the clock. Honoring our past and repurposing for the present, we bring change to the things that haven’t changed. The journey to the present begins with breathing new life into traditional and sometimes forgotten forms of the past: Garments once historically reserved for men, the elite or the impoverished are stripped down, reimagined and claimed with new purpose and functionality for the contemporary woman.

Our cultural philosophy of the coordinated ensemble comes from our South Asian heritage and is central to the ease and versatility we weave into each garment. We design for the global woman who at times may reach for our version of the modern suit or choose to style each component separately.

Mēru was conceived as a response to the void of clothing options, specially designed for professional women. We bring function to the space between impractically fussy and plainly masculine. Rebalancing the imbalance of power through practical design, we promote the wellbeing and success of women on both sides of the supply chain.

Through our sourcing initiatives and in partnership with select NGOs, we provide economic opportunities to women in rural parts of Pakistan who keep their waning craft alive. By seeking partnerships that include women in our shared success, we all transcend barriers.
The Alchemy of Dyeing

In 2020, our creative director Mehru Khan collaborated with artist and educator Nahla Tabbaa, founding The Alchemy of Dyeing, a sensory workshop and research platform that dives into the alchemy of making colour, urban foraging, textile dyeing, chromophobia, taste making and other complexities around organic dyeing and today’s urban life.

Combining methods of the Old World and adapting it to the site specific context of today’s fast-paced urban world, the workshops, workbook and research encourages the idea of working at a slower pace, connecting with materials, nature and colour, specific to your context, neighborhood and region.

Although based out of the UAE, the mission of The Alchemy of Dyeing is to gather and unpack colour making across The Middle East and South Asia- reclaiming, de-colonising, embracing the native and yet celebrating relationships of trade and exchange.


Mehru Khan

Mehru is a fashion and textile designer.

She started developing her own practice after working in the family fashion business for 4 years. In 2019, she launched her namesake slow fashion label, Mēru. Melding past, present and future, the collections reimagine her South Asian heritage, the concepts of femininity, androgyny and function.

The source and soul of fabrics has always been an obsession. During lockdown, she got a chance to explore surface design, with resist dye and painting techniques and started creating her own unique textiles. A quarantined conversation with Nahla led to a serendipitous realization of the overlapping of their separate practices, and The Alchemy of Dyeing was conceived.

Mehru started her formal training in Fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York with an Associates Degree (AAS) in Fashion Design, Womenswear. She is still training.

Mehru Khan