A Journey into Sustainable Fashion

MĒRU's Alchemy of Dyeing x MĒRU line presents a captivating capsule concept, where our distinctive designs undergo the transformative process of alchemical dyeing. This initiative, a collaboration between our creative director Mehru Khan and renowned artist and educator Nahla Tabbaa, serves as an immersive research and workshop platform exploring chromatics, urban foraging, and the intricacies of organic dyeing. Launched in 2020, it embodies our commitment to sustainability by utilizing 100% natural materials such as silk, wool, cotton, bamboo, and jute, along with techniques like bundle dyeing, eco-printing, and shibori. These techniques are harmonized with natural elements like oxygen, the sun, the moon, water, and metals to create unique, unpredictable outcomes in colors and patterns.

Crafting Unique Pieces

Inspired by insights from The Alchemy of Dyeing collective, our head designer Mehru personally dyes each piece, infusing them with her ongoing research and repurposing of foraged and found objects into extraordinary elements and pigments. As you explore our collection, consider commissioning a custom bundle where organic elements of your choosing—such as those found in a flower bouquet, food scraps, culinary spices, and rusted objects—are incorporated into the dyeing process, resulting in a truly personalized and environmentally conscious piece.

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Our Latest Collaboration

The Alchemy of Dyeing x MĒRU line has enabled other collaborations in the arts, such as A Lifesaver on Fire displayed at Tashkeel Studio and Gallery as part of the exhibition “The Philosophy of Food”.
This mixed media installation of photographic print and natural dyed saree textile was developed alongside photographer Andrea Salerno Jacome.

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